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Making Connections

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Each client engagement begins with a story. You want to be heard. We want to hear what brought you to the point of considering legal services. We promise to listen carefully for the objectives you seek to accomplish.

Making Connections

Making connections is perhaps one of the most important roles of a law firm. This is because the real legal issues are not always obvious. Sometimes, the facts must be connected like dots to form a clear picture. When connected, a client’s whole story leads to better results.

When one is faced with a legal question, there is a need for a law firm that understands you. This begins with an empathic ear. No detail is too small. After all, one never knows where the key answers may be revealed.

Connections makes a bond stronger. Clients want to know their lawyer is vested in their success. This means being available, talking honestly about the prospects of a case, and willing to explain the process as often as needed.

If you are on this page, you might have a legal matter at hand. We welcome your curiosity about us. Please explore the information about our firm.

We liken our law firm to making connections because the practice of a legal discipline is all about using our network to produce a successful outcome. When you want to get started, let our connections be your guide.

Corporate Law

Corporate law includes a wide range of legal services. Depending on a client’s needs, the answers to complex questions may call for different applications of the law. A successful client engagement begins with a conversation to understand the legal needs. Afterwards, we get to business designing the right tools to help an organization solve its challenges.

Advisory Services

As an attorney, CEO, certified mediator, experienced board director, I am an advocate for exceptional corporate governance. Known for thought leadership and novel perspectives, I counsel teams and individuals to make informed decisions, work smarter, and achieve positive results.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is much like most business conversations. You need to describe the successful future for your legacy and interests. The Estate Plan is the strategy that helps you realize your vision. A comprehensive Estate Plan includes several types of documents. Depending on your needs, one or more of these estate planning products are appropriate for you.

Legal Counsel for Churches

Legal Counsel for Churches is a service that helps religious organizations practice good corporate governance. Governance is the process of managing church business functions. Effective governance facilitates smooth ministry by providing accountability to all stakeholders.

About Maurice Smith

Maurice Smith became a lawyer for one overarching reason: he recognized that some consumers and organizations were treated unfairly in business transactions.

Maurice believes he can level the playing field for his clients by providing professional legal services and by having his clients reach good results in business dealings every time.


Veronica R.



Attorney Smith has become a valuable resource for our family. His humility and sense of fairness is refreshing. We have no doubt that he has our best interest at the top of his mind.

Gina S.

CEO, Brown-Smith Research Development Laboratories


I am an owner of an electrical engineering company that provides services for multi-million dollar, international corporations. Attorney Smith…offers insightful legal counsel on matters ranging from contracts to commercial transactions.

Dan W.

Managing Partner, Viking Mergers & Acquisitions


Maurice Smith was an absolute joy to work with on a business sale transaction. He was extremely instrumental in moving the process along smoothly and efficiently all the way to closing. I look forward to working with Maurice again.

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